After the declutter

A few months ago we jumped on the Konmari bandwagon; diving deep into decluttering once again.

I don't regret the purge one bit. There's only one possession, a book, that I regret parting with and I know that I could replace it easily enough. It was amazing to me to see how many possessions I had that I didn't truly love or served no real purpose - and by this point in our simplifying journey, we wouldn't have called ourselves clutterbugs.

What a wonderfully pared down house we now have - but in it's current shape, it's definitely just a house. There is no cosiness or sense of belonging past the people in it, even after 8 years.

Where once there was stuff, there is now empty space - and it isn't pretty. It an emptiness full of gloom, mismatched worn furnishings, woodchip wallpaper, carpets in need of deep cleaning and lots of small anoyances that require attention. Did I mention the woodchip wallpaper?

Being a rented house, we are obviously limited in what we can and are willing to do; and how much money we are prepared to throw at it - which is of course the root of our current predicament. We have to balance our desire to save towards our own house with making this one a home; and we never did truly nest here, always seeing this as a temporary arrangement.

We've started the nesting process now on a very slim budget. A fresh coat of paint in every room, a freestanding kitchen (more on that another day); and deciding on a style that we can take with us when we move.

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