Keep calm and carry on

This morning I cleared out the paperwork drawer that I've let fill up over the past few months. Over half of it would have taken 30 seconds to deal with when it came in to the house - my new rule is going to be that if it takes less than a minute to deal with, I will deal with it there and then.

During the purge, I stumbled across this, which in the glaring absence of anything resembling a plan from our esteemed leaders, might be the most useful roadmap we have for the next few years. Beware broken lines:

I think we can expect a bumpy ride for everyone in the working and middle class. The pound has slumped and may settle lower than it is now, which is not good news for the consumers of a country that is currently a net importer of food and other essentials. Pensions and savings have taken a hit. Those with debts should take the opportunity to throw everything at reducing them whilst interest rates are low. Our debt free day was one of the happiest days of my adult life and I wish that for everybody.

I'm doing everything to muster my most organised, upbeat and thrifty self - she who slacks off a bit during the good times, and often even more so when times are less than stellar - to keep the budget on track. I've organised the paperwork and finances. I 'm writing new meal plans. I have furniture to paint and gardening to do. I want to start running. In short, I have plenty of thrifty, healthy stuff to keep me occupied at a time when its probably best to keep occupied and not worry too much.

I'm also taking time to enjoy the satire that is flowing from every side of this debate, which seems a much more British way of dealing with things than the hate fuelled 'debate' that's also underway. We can look forward to Charlie Brooker's Review of the Year.

Life goes on - with much less certainty, less prosperity in the short term at least, and a hopefully  temporary rise in extremist rhetoric. But it does go on. Nobody on either side can truly tell what the long term impact will be. The only productive course of action is to work for the best and prepare for the worst; to focus our energy on the things that we can control or at least influence; and to keep an occassional watchful eye on the rest.


  1. Good morning/afternoon, Aurora. I came to you by way of "Down to Earth," and have enjoyed your last several posts. As an American, I have been avidly watching the news from your part of the world, and have, probably typically, an American view of Brexit. :) Of course, not being a typical American, maybe not. What interesting times you all have ahead of you. My family will be watching with great interest, and we wish the best for the UK.

    Have a lovely afternoon and finish to this beautiful Monday.

    1. Thank you for visiting Shani.

      Yes, certainly interesting; and every moment being live blogged by the news agencies. Time to break out the pop corn, its going to be quite a show.

      This has been a lovely sunny day, to be followed by a week of rain...

      I hope you have a lovely day too.