Have you seen Cowspiracy?

Cowspiracy is one of my favourite documentaries of all time; and everyone that I know who has watched it has been impressed with it. Whilst taking a broad look at the impact of animal agriculture and fishing on the planet (conventional, organic and 'grass-fed') the main focus of the film is the major environmental NGOs and their almost universal silence on one of the most unsustainable, destructive industries on earth.

I saw the original version a few months after its release and my mind was blown. I had vague ideas that my vegan diet (that I adopted 'for the animals') was better for the planet than a meat and dairy including diet. I just didn't realise how much better.

Leonardo DiCaprio has now come on board and a new cut has been released which is available on Netflix, bringing it to a much larger, diverse audience. I would love it to be shown on the BBC sooner rather than later. A girl can dream, no? For a crowd-funded independent documentary, it has done very well for itself thus far, so yes, a girl can dream.

If you haven't already, I really encorage you to watch it - it's well paced, well written and there are some profoundly funny moments.  It's likely even slicker now that Leo has got ahold of it.

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