A walk in the woods

We took a bank holiday Monday trip to the Forest of Bere - beautiful, mixed woodland with patches of heathland; light airy glades puncturing deep dark wood. The closest you can get to wild in the Southeast.

Paths large and small wind through the wood; and though hundreds of people were there, we were alone for a good part of the trail we chose.

We found beetles and toadstools, cobnuts and orienteering markers.

The relative silence was a welcome break after 6 weeks of school holiday in the city. Everyone seems to be out and about, or holding barbeque's. I  could happily stay a few days in the woods, setting up home in one of the stick dens built by the kids adventure clubs. 

And then, as legs grew tired and midday approached, the whining started up. It wasn't just ours, it seemed that all the kids in the forest started to whine in a crescendo, like songbirds. Really whiny songbirds. It doesn't help that the first thing they see as they enter the woods is a purpose built adventure playground. Anything after that is just a mission to return to the playground, nature be damned. 

We had our picnic; and then made our way home to this:

Some days I can't envision myself ever leaving this city. Today is not one of those days.

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