Curb my enthusiasm

We're into the final fortnight of the summer holidays; and today I've found myself wishing that term had started already. Do you know how many arguments siblings can have over lego, even when working on separate kits, from separate instructions, at separate ends of the dining table? Many, many arguments.

I have a DIY list as long as my arm and a pile of admin to boot; and none of it is getting done. In a small house with everyone home 24/7, the regular chaos is building up quickly too. I'm overstretched; and I have only my over-enthusiasm to blame.

As if the unpapered walls and semi ripped out kitchen weren't reminder enough, The Husband delivered another reminder of what overstretch looks like to the doorstep this morning. The man of the house is at least getting stuff done, and blitzed the garage this morning, where he found 15 buried bottles of mediocre, 2012 vintage rhubarb wine.

A few years ago we began to make our own wine and beer. After a few small batch successes, we decided to scale up production to provide us with all our booze and to give away as gifts. What was initially a fun hobby that could be picked up as and when time, space and gluts allowed, became a chore. Sterilising, filling and corking 40 bottles of wine at a time isn't fun, especially if the batch isn't a great one. I overstretched, became overwhelmed; and gave up a fun, frugal hobby altogether.

The most productive I've been today was the 15 minutes I spent uncorking, pouring and rinsing those bottles; and after the initial blast of angst, I began to feel OK. I've overstretched myself in the past - its a habit, it would seem. I've overstretched myself once again. I have three small children and a aprt time job; there is no need to do all the things. In two weeks, I'll have a lot more free time to deal with the mess that I have created and until then, it's not worth losing precious, restorative sleep over.

Also, I need to use a planner.

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