Beachcombing - it's not what it used to be

Another trip to our lovely local beach, another haul of plastic crap degraded by the sun in the churn of the Solent. Today I found a small bag washed up and proceeded to fill it with wrappers and lids and straws, broken toys and polystyrene. Beer caps seem to be numerous now too, perhaps a downside of the craft-beer trend?

I can't walk past this stuff anymore; at the same time completely aware that my efforts are a drop in the ocean. I usually try to take 3 for the sea; and I obviously don't litter. But despite past zero-waste aspirations, our household still purchases single use plastics; and the kids receive generous loads of Cheap Plastic Crap TM throughout the year.

And at the same time that I, one small person, feel completely powerless in the face of such terrible waste; I know that this one small straw that found its way into the ocean had such a devastating impact on this beautiful creature:


And I can have more impact than one small plastic straw, surely?


  1. I can't walk past rubbish either! Its a good reminder to try not to buy the rubbish in the first place. I usually realise too late that I've just purchased packaging or a straw. Got to pay attention! Thanks for your post.

    1. I'm making steps towards zerowaste but am in awe that people actually achieve it. The irony was not lost on me that one of my beach cleaning expeditions had been preceded by a takeaway coffee in a disposable cup from the beach cafe.