Winding down for winter

It's been a busy month with no time to check in here. I've been wallpapering, painting, running children to appointments and working overtime. I have one final bout of overtime this weekend; and then I'm looking forward to a quiet few weeks in the run up to Christmas.

I had a slow day yesterday, because I needed it.

I sorted through the pantry ready for the big stock up. I took a mental note of the things we eat vs. those that sit on the shelf unused, then wrote a permanent list of the things that we need to have in stock. I plan to do a big stock up in preparation for winter, because having a well stocked food cupboard makes for a decidedly cosy feeling during the cold months. It should offer a buffer against any Brexit related inflation that comes to pass next year too.

I soaked the end of a pack of mung beans to substitute for lentils at dinner. I bought them to sprout, but never really embraced the sprouting lifestyle; and they've languished for at least a year at the back of the cupboard.

I sat down with a cuppa and a good book:

We made a trip to the shops to stock up on a few things that can't wait until the 'big' shop. It's looking decidedly wintry out there.

So far I've avoided the winter blues. Last year they hit hard, terribly hard; and it took a good six months for me to recover mental peace. So far, so good, just a few short weeks away from the shortest day of the year. I think making a point to get out of the house every day, to experience everything the season has to offer has helped tremendously.

I made a 'shepherdess pie' with the mung beans for dinner, served with brussel sprout tops, which are the cheapest greens money can buy at this time of year if you can get hold of them. 8 good sized servings for less than £3.50.

We need a better word for vegan shepherd's pie - sheep rescuer pie? Perhaps just cottage pie will do, it sounds suitably comforting.

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