New year, new everything

Happy New Year!

Today is the first real day of my new life as a full time keeper of the home, garden, budget and younglings - however temporary it may turn out to be. If I can stretch it out until the youngest starts primary school, I will be happy.

Changes, even self directed ones, can leave you adrift. My routine is shaken up, my social circle fractured, the budget needs to be rewritten - and a chunk of my identity as an employee, a colleague - a 'productive' member of society - just calved off too. And I prepared for all of this - if you have had change thrust upon you recently, please treat yourself gently. 

I took myself for a solitary walk yesterday, to listen to my own thoughts. I find myself seeking the shore at times like this, and I usually return calmer or invigorated, or with answers - whatever tonic I need, a walk my the sea seems to provide it. It was a foggy, washed out day and the Solent was as still as a pond.

Somewhere out there beyond the mist and cloud is the Isle of Wight.

I returned home feeling upbeat, like the doubts had been washed away, at least for an evening. I took a notebook with me and jotted down a few ideas as to what my next move should be. I have lots to keep me occupied, lots of positive changes to make.

My very next move was to return home and cook Sunday lunch. We had an awful Christmas blighted by a nasty virus; Christmas dinner was over in ten minutes before everyone returned to their duvets.  It was nice to cook a hearty dinner and eat it together (even if I did cheat and use shop-bought pies!). I did whip up two apricot and raspberry crumbles and homemade custard for pudding, with fruit I'd put away in the freezer. A frugal win all things considered.

Life at home is going to be just fine. We have crumble.

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