Saturday Snippets

I opened my old Bloglovin' account for the first time in a few years. I've been enjoying catching up with some blogs that I used to enjoy; and I discovered a whole lot of new ones too. Still, I pine for the simplicity of Google Reader.

I am one of those people who reads widely; and the horribleness of last year took me down some very dark internet rabbit holes. This year I'm building a nice cosy bias-reinforcing media bubble around myself.

Here are a few of the blogs that I have enjoyed this week:
Small & Beautiful - absolutely beautiful blog (written in French)

The Minimalist Mom

Frugal Bagel

The Simple Year

Want Less 

And finally, this gave me a good giggle - The Onion


  1. I was a die hard google reader lover also. I have found happiness in Feedly though so much so I can't really remember GR at all. I follow you in my feedly :)

    1. Feedly is my preference, it works well enough (and green is my favourite colour, so it has that going for it!. Bloglovin' is a visual nightmare by comparison.

      Thank you for following me :)