Small house edit

Once upon a time we dreamt of living in a yurt, or possibly a cabin or a narrow boat. We put some significant energy into exploring the possibilities; and concluded that UK planning laws are decidedly anti-thatsortofthing. It might be doable, but the doing isn't simple or even particularly frugal. 

And so we made the choice a few years ago that our family of five would continue to live in the two bedroom terrace that we moved into almost 9 years ago, until we had saved a significant deposit to relocate and buy our own home. We have a great landlord, we live in a great area, we have good neighbours- and our already very slender rent hasn't increased for almost a decade.

It doesn't have the cachet of a beautifully appointed tiny house, or a cabin in the woods. It's far from the aesthetic that most people think of when they think 'minimalist'; as the lifestyle choice to live with less is unhelpfully conflated with an upmarket modern aesthetic. Our tatty, unrenovated urban terrace is decidely unromantic - and yet the values remain the same. Less stuff, less debt, less footprint - more life.

This little house has undergone several switch-ups over the years to accommodate us. The last one happened when the smallest member of the family moved to a large cot and we gave up our bedroom, moving to a sofa bed in the lounge. This was a change that almost broke our resolve, but I am please to say that we decided to stay put and pocket the £400 (minimum!) we would now be paying each month for an extra bedroom.

Last month that sofa bed died; and with it my desire to ever sleep on one again. It was time for another edit. A lot of brainstorming ensued, lots of measuring, rearranging and frustrating trips back to the drawing board, before I hit upon the solution. The dining room, dominated by a huge teak (and thanks to Marie Kondo, almost empty) sideboard and oversized floor level dining table, would have to go, and in so doing create a third bedroom. 

The house is currently in chaos, as I furiously rearrange, box and clean. Next week the few pieces of furniture we need are arriving - a small bookcase, a large coffee table that will become our new dining table in the living room; and a real bed - and the chaos shall pass, at least until the next edit. Hopefully the next one will see us leaving this little house for one of our own.


  1. Love the idea of using a less used room for a bedroom. I hope the furniture arrives and you love it.

  2. Its coming along nicely, though slower than I thought. I haven't slept so well in years!