5 things I simplified this week

Our living arrangements are depressing me somewhat - this isn't the picture of simplicity is it?

It is however a temporary situation; and this time next week, the new furniture will have arrived and all of the clutter will be tucked away in its new home. I've tried to keep busy whilst sitting with my angst:

  •  I've sent another two black sacks of possessions to the garage, including books, knitting needles, board games, kitchen accessories and toys. They will be sold at car boot next month or dropped off at the recycling centre.
  • I sorted through all of our paperwork, after months of procrastination. Whittled down to around a third of the original stack, mine fits into a small accordion file, with another for household and joint documents. I've left Mr to sort through his own, but I did throw out 6 years worth of payslips.
  • Evil Minimalist Mummy halved the Duplo collection without permission; and nobody noticed. I made sure we had a good sized collection of different bricks and it now fits into one box and is easy to pick up. The Lego collection is next.
  •  I've gone a whole week without buying non-essentials. Last week was also a non-essential week, as I count our furniture shop as long overdue.
  •  The first week of my new laundry regime went pretty well, though I need to acquire a few more laundry bags. I hate sorting laundry with a passion, I find categorising heaps of stuff  difficult. My new regime means I dump everything straight from the clothes horse into its owner's drawer. 
On balance, I think it's going to be a good week.


  1. Ha Ha Evil Minamalist Mummy! love it. I am told regulary by The Mr, when I am not looking, throw it away. We have expanded into this house and I dislike it greatly. The bits and pieces every where are like visual noise to me. I feel your pain with 'The Stuff'.

    1. Evil Minimalist Mummy is my new bestie :D

      Do it, as you have permission! Life is much easier with less. I find visual clutter very draining too; and it took me years to realise.