Saturday Snippets (Shark Edition)

I've recommended the film Sharkwater on three different forums this week; it's one of my favourite films and certainly my most loved documentary. I decided to look it up again and was excited to find that a second one was in the making. 24 hours later, the star and maker, Rob Stewart had gone missing whilst diving. His body has now been found; and one of the most dedicated advocates for our oceans is lost.

Please watch this film this week if you can.

Take part in the Great Winter Nurdle Hunt  - head to a beach near you this weekend

British Sharks - get to know the natives  - The Shark Trust

Educate yourself - on the issues at Bite-back.org 


  1. It's a huge loss. I came across the film and Rob Stewart's work via Sea Shepherd. So sad today.

    1. I know. I feel like we need people like him more than ever.