Small house living: towel storage edition

Our bathroom is a poky little room; and for 8 years, we have lived with towels draped over various doors, radiators and chairs around the house - and often bedroom floors, if I'm being honest - for want of somehere sensible to hang them.

Last week I removed an ugly mirror from the landing, and freed up a small length of wall space that I realised would be just perfect for some hooks.

minimalist towel storage

I love it when a small change makes such a big impact. One hook for each person's towel, just outside of the bathroom door. No more smelly towels.

And whilst we are on the subject, how many towels does one family need?

In our case, our newly minimalist linen cupboard (shelf!) allows one bath towel per person, a couple of super absorbent hair wraps for the ladies of the house, and two spares in the cupboard for emergencies. In addition, we have two woven cotton tea towels for hand towels - they dry quickly and are slim enough to hang on the tiny bathroom radiator.

One day I would like to replace all of our bulky towels with thinner ones, or even some beautiful lightweight Turkish towels, so that everything fits in one wash instead of two - but around these parts, we are all about the thrift and the 5 R's, and these old things have some life in them yet.


  1. There are only two people in my household and so we were happy with four bath towels and four hand towels, so we had enough for us plus guests or for us plus rubbish weather where it takes towels ages to dry.

    However, for the past two years a parent has bought us towels for Christmas so now we have a cupboard full. Useful in a way but not really needed or wanted by us. Being positive about it we may never have to buy towels again.

    1. Aaaagh, thoughtful relatives strike again! That is one way of looking at it. I would choose the nicest ones and donate the rest, but if they don't bother you you mights as well keep them.

  2. We've used hooks for the kid's towels since early on, and it seems to be easier for them to hang towels that way. As for number, we have one towel for each kid, two for my husband and I (because of hair), and a couple extra "all purpose" towels for kids that have been playing in the mud, or wet dogs. Grubby towels live on a shelf by the back door, but the rest are hung up all the time except when getting washed. Of course, our weather here is warmer and dryer than yours, so different things work...

    1. A month or so later and its working really well - they are drying nicely.

      We don't really need 'grubby' towels living in the city (and not having pups!)but I imagine that will change if we move to the sticks!