5 things I discovered this week

1. The oregano plant we bought last year had not died but was in fact hiding behind the lavender - and it overwintered. I'm using it in everything.

Oregano in jar

2. These individual serving jam jars are useful and cute to boot. I made a tiny batch of chilli oil to drizzle over our pasta. We just don't have space for bottles of flavoured oil, but I will find room for more of these tiny jars. 

3.This cotton sweater in a charity shop, for a very thrifty £1.50. It's not my style, but I'm hoping that it can be unravelled and the yarn reused. The seams look promising.

4. I don't have a single object on display in my house (or my wardrobe for that matter) in my favourite colour, emerald green. I discovered this thanks to Thrift Deluxe's pics of her awesome orange abode. This is something that I need to switch up. In fact a quick scan of my house suggests that I have lots of hues that just aren't my thing, or even my husband's thing. I don't know how we arrived at this arrangement but it needs to change.

5. People play Quidditch in real life:

Have a lovely weekend Xx

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