5 things that happened this week - local vegan edition

Today is (meteorologically speaking at least) the first day of spring. The heavens blessed us with a cold, rainy blast to celebrate; but I made it through the winter with just a mild case of the blues and my mood could not be dampened. It has been an uplifting week, particularly on the vegan front:
  1.  On Saturday we went to a vegan festival at the Portsmouth Guildhall and had to queue for half an hour from doors opening because attendance was so high. We left an hour later for a lunch date, and the queue for admittance was just as long. I attended a similar event 18 months ago and this one blew it out of the water in terms of numbers and in variety of exhibitors. Fellow vegans, it warmed the cockles of my heart to see so many people interested in veganism. Also, there were Jaffa Cakes ❤.

  2. At the vegan festival, I met a vegan spinning and dyeing mother-daughter duo. They let me try out some of their vegan fibres and I felt a pang of loss. I haven't spun since I adopted veganism over two years ago and I thought that my spinning days were over (I was scheduled to car boot my old spinning equipment last week but we held off). Plant fibres have a steep learning curve but I miss spinning so much, I want to take it up again. 

  3.  The spinner lady told me that her mum had been vegan for over 40 years. I've previously met a 30 year vegan who took one look at a veal crate in the 1980s and immediately changed her lifestyle. There were lots of veteran vegans there, particularly on the campaign group stalls - healthy, happy, enthusiastic campaigners. I'm so grateful for all of those people who kept the faith when veganism was the difficult and ostracising lifestyle choice of a crack fringe - they must have been so happy to see a vegan event so well attended. I realise how easy I have it thanks to those early adopters.

  4.  In the week since the festival I have overheard three separate positive conversations about veganism in shops - one was a young man telling his mum about the plight of male chicks in the egg industry and looking for soy milk for his pancakes. I felt a lot of love right then.

  5. We celebrated pancake day with vegan pancakes. They were so simple and so good we made a second batch for a late night snack. I smeared spiced biscuit spread on a leftover pancake and rolled it up to make a frugal lunchbox treat for the small PL's. I'll post the pancake recipe later this week.
I hope you have all had a good week.

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