5 thrifty (and green!) things this week

1) I cut my own hair, using Youtube videos as a guide (there are thousands of them for all different styles). I've been cutting my own hair for a year and have got quite good at it, but last time I cut too many deep layers. I nearly booked a salon appointment to sort it out; instead I've reset my hair to a boring, less layered shape and will restyle it in a month or two.

Sounds like a thrifty step too far? Start with trimming your own fringe. Youtube, a pair of hairdressing scissors and starting small are your friends.

 Saving: £25, minimum.

2) I picked up this dress for £1.50! It can be worn in the summer with flip flops and with black tights and a cardigan in winter; and it's smart enough for a job interview too. Clothing is one excpetion to the one in, one out rule - I actually don't have enough clothes to get through a week without washing at the moment, which is my benchmark for an adequate wardrobe.

I also picked up a pint tankard for Mr PL for 20p  so that he can drink his ales in style. It doubles up as a vase as we don't have one since the last big purge. It's currently holding my Mother's Day daffs; and Mr PL knows how to woo a girl with a 50p yellow stickered bouquet once in a while. Sw-oooon.

3) I gave up alcohol for lent; but instead have found myself buying flavoured fizzy water and the occassional non-alcoholic beer.

Serendipitously, I got given this glassware. I use the carafe to chill water in the fridge, and consequently have been less tempted to buy soft drinks. Also, it's green! We also now have enough glasses for everyone again, as a few had got broken. The best things in life are free. And bright green.

Savings this week as a result of boozelessness and chilled tap water: £5, double last week's saving; and two or three bottles not added to the waste stream. 

4) I've been making Welsh Cakes for lunchboxes and after school snacks. They last a couple of days in a jar as long as it's kept out of arm's reach. A batch of 18 costs around 50p, which is much cheaper and healthier than buying sweet treats. I'll write up my frugalised, veganised recipe next week.

5) Our energy and broadband switches went live this week. We paid for line work to get out of the grip of Virgin who have steadily increased our bills these past few years in comparison with new customers. The new energy tarriff is with Octopus Energy - it's way cheaper than our previous one by almost £80 each year, and it's 100% renewable too!

Estimated savings going forward: £20 month averaged over the year. 


  1. Hooray for getting some green into your life, the carafe looks great as well as useful.