Tomatoes for the small garden

It's taken my gardener's heart a few years to mourn the loss of our allotment, and for the past couple of years I've sown not only too much, but too many wrong varieties. It's been a recipe for a chaotic, cluttered patio.

On the last day of February, I sowed my first and most anticipated seeds of the year:

Just two seeds in each pot, to be judged on fitness and thinned to just two plants. It's nice not to have to bother with seed trays - instead I will hopefully be rewarded with two strong tomato plants ready for direct planting.

I chose Sweetbaby, a cordon cherry variety that will hopefully not take over the whole of our tiny garden like last year's varieties. The packet promises hundreds of grape sized fruits - I'm hoping that being productive, tall and with a small growing footprint they will be perfect for the small garden. Each have a good sized pot and a tall cane waiting for them; ready to support and constrain in equal measure.

This year, my promise to myself is to keep it simple. This year I'm recognising the tininess of my patio garden; the fewness of my pots; the compactness of my kitchen window sill - however much it pains my green and leafy heart to know that it's as cordoned by space as these tomatoes will be.

Still, come August we will have tomatoes and that is a wondrous thing. Hopefully.

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