K.I.S.S. - blog design edition

Blogger introduced some new templates last week which have been taking my blogroll by storm. They're fully reactive, have drop down menus and featured posts and a thousand and one other options to make your blog zing. I've struggled with a look for this blog since I returned, and thought a shiny new one would be the solution.

I backed up my template and got to work fiddling with a design. Golly gosh, the options! There were 14 different text widgets, for each of which you can set individual colours, fonts, sizes, backgrounds...I got bored quickly; and saved what I had.

And that, dear reader, lunched my blog. I had to do a restore of everything.

The importance of knowing who you are, eh? I like the simple, pared down, uncomplicated life. I blog because I like 'scrapblogging' my days, musing about simple living, reading other people's 'scrapblogs' about simple, frugal living - and just perhaps I can be a bit useful to someone somewhere, just as the blogs I read are to me.

We're back to the aptly named 'Simple' template. I will tweak it a bit in the coming days, and that will be that. This doesn't need to be a slick operation, it just has to be readable, navigable, and pleasant enough to look at. Just like life really!


  1. Ha! I didn't realise how many little decisions I would have to make when I started the process! I did want to make a few changes, it was a bit heavy before. That's it for a good long time now though.

    1. Your blog is lovely, you've done a great job.

      I'm now finished with this one. I don't want to see a hexcode ever again.