Intentional leftovers

A few years ago I realised that whilst I love to eat good food, I only like to cook - and I certainly don't want to spend my life chained to the hob. I'd started to take on a from-scratch, wholesome home-cook identity that was dragging down my energy. As I minimised, I let go of this fantasy self - the recipe books went, the pantry was simplified and I started to enjoy cooking again.

I made pie for Sunday lunch. I 'cheated' and used ready roll puff pastry, and gravy granules for the sauce base. These days I don't mind adding some convenience if 90% of our meals are fresh and wholesome.

Vegan bean and vegetable pie in tin

A mixture of precooked beans and lentils, some finely chopped root veg and leek from a stew pack and some mustard and black pepper to flavour. With roasted vegetables and some greens and peas, it was good. It all worked out at around 90p per generous adult meal - not bad for Sunday lunch! I will be stocking up on ready-roll pastry when it's on offer.

I had the leftover slice for breakfast the next morning. Pastry and gravy, what a majestic way to start the day.

I'd made a double batch of filling with the intention of freezing it for next time. Instead, I threw in a handful of kale, the leftover roast potatoes and swede, and a little thyme and water - and we had soup for lunch.

I'll double the batch next time - pie and soup for the table and a pie and soup for the freezer.


  1. Love this post, mainly as I celebrate the eating of pie for breakfast. But also letting go of that fantasy self and simplifying, getting rid of aspiration clutter and just saying "stop".

    I cook most of our meals but I'm not a great lover of the process. What I do enjoy is taking a little bit of something leftover, or snaffling a chunk of this and a blob of that to turn it into something else.

    1. Yes! I am doing the same with crafting too - I used to want to be able to make all the things, now not so much.

      Also bonus points for using the word 'snaffling'! No one down here uses it apart from Mr PL and I x