Snippets - March 2017

I've decided to roll my weekly (when I remembered) links round up into an end of month post instead. Here it is, the end of March! How did that happen?

Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world - "...when it comes to combating climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction, what we need to do is take the money, time, and effort we spend making these ultimately inconsequential choices and put it toward something that really matters" - Quartz

Have you watched Simon Amstell: Carnage yet? - I thought it was hilarious and it's getting good reviews - BBC iPlayer

The very first issue of the Vegan Society Magazine from 1944 - it makes a cameo in Carnage, which reminded me that the complete 73 year archive can be found here. I'm working my way through and it's giving me the warm fuzzies for the people that got this show on the road.

Beautiful DIY vegan lotion bars - Threes Hazels blog

It's time to burn your cookbooks  - Yes to this thrifty, simple approach to cooking! - Mother Jones 

27 Beautiful Infographics that teach you how to cook - this is a useful collection if you are a visual learner - everything from vinaigrette to food storage to knife skills. Beware, there are a few meat and dairy related things in there. Scroll faster, or veganise - Imgur

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