The precious shelf

We've joked over the years that there is no 'away' for valuable stuff in our house - ain't no shelf high enough, ain't no cupboard locked enough to deter pingling hands. I swear I could rent a storage locker two miles away and one of the Micro-pumpkins would manage to find it and destroy the stuff in it. 

Hope Naivete springs eternal. Behold, some quality B&Q engineering:

Seriously, how hard is it to make a vaguely square bracket? It'll have to be replaced at some point, but for now it's secure and keeping St George safe. He was Mr PL's 21st birthday present and I've had nightmares about him getting broken in recent weeks.

The copper bowl was once planted with succulents, most of which were lost in a horrendous massacre inflicted by the toddler Micro-pumpkin. It now holds things that need to be used every day but kept safe, like glasses and wallets.

The magazine file was £3.00 from Tesco. I was hoping to come across a sturdy cereal box to upcycle, but they don't seem to exist anymore. This is for transitional paperwork that isn't ready for filing or throwing just yet. I love this blue.

I managed to salvage the last succulent. He's a survivor and deserves a new life on a high shelf. The terracotta pot and dish is a hand me down:

Our new bedroom is coming together nicely. I need to acquire a chest or box for the bedding and then I'll consider it done.

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