Today of all days

Remember this:

I opened up the news yesterday afternoon and was greeted with horror unfolding in our capital city. I felt so sad, then mild panic - are my people safe? And of course I jumped down the rabbit hole of live news feeds and twitter updates.

After about twenty minutes I stopped myself. What good was this doing? What can I do here, 100 miles away?

I can feel the sadness, I can check that my people are safe; I can be aware of my surroundings and learn what to do in an emergency.

And then I can go out and be as good and kind a human being as I can be; and influence my kids in the same direction.

I hope you're all home safe with your people.


  1. I did exactly the same thing. I had the BBC on all night. Sometimes its just too much isnt it

    1. Sorry Sol, I've only just seen your comment. What a year it has been.