On scavenging

Last week a couple of curtain hooks in our bedroom snapped; and I'd used up the last of the spares the last time it happened. I was miffed at the thought of having to buy a pack during a no spend week.

And then I found these in the wood chips at the local park:

I've no idea why they were there; perhaps they were left over from The Most Fancily Furnished Den Ever Built or something.

Last week I needed cable ties and the front of the school was littered with rubber bands from unfurled artworks being sent home. In the past I've picked up paperclips, unused nails, a copper olive that we used to fix a leaking radiator valve, a wooden dowel that became a plant support and a metal hair clip still on it's packaging - I only ever need one, to occasionally hold back my fringe. I know people get squeamish about picking things of the street, but that's what soap and water are for. There are classier people than me who do it too, like Bea Johnson and her hair ties.

Picking up litter has saved a trip into town, some plastic packaging, unnecessary clutter, and several quid this week. The universe has had my thrifty back and I love it.


  1. Brilliant find with the curtain hooks!
    I took some nice plants out of someone's compost bin at the allotment this morning. I'm planting up a border and they are perfect for it. I also rescued some partly rotten pallets from the ' bonfire' pile there, have dismantled them, painted them and they will become a fence. I have no qualms about picking things up in the street, or rescuing them from skips :)

    1. You are the queen of upcycling! I love your projects. Well done for rescuing the plants, I hope they have a colourful second life with you.

      I used to love picking up free furniture, but we have enough for now. I just get ridiculously excited at little things like free curtain hooks instead.