Autumn is here!

I'm back, just in time for autumn:

I really wanted to write something, I did, but I've been struggling to find the words quite frankly, or at least words that will be interesting enough to publish.

The past few years I've undergone massive personal changes, mostly good and needed ones. I'm a very different person to the young mum that started her first frugal and simple living blog seven years ago. I've cut out so much deadwood these past few years - clutter, activities and ideas about the world - I'm gradually deciding which seeds to plant in their place. Cutting out the Internet chatter has been wonderful for this - its hard to decide what you want and what is important when you are bombarded by 'influencers' and other peoples opinions and lifestyles all day. I thoroughly recommend unplugging once in a while.

September always brings me around to fresh starts. The temptation to abandon this blog and start over is strong, but I'm resisting my inbuilt fickleness and perfectionism. This place needs a fresh lick of paint and some new category tags, which I'll work on over the next few weeks. I have plenty of ideas to work with, I just need to get back in the swing of things.

Stew and dumplings for dinner - it feels like a storm is coming. I love this time of year.

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