Recent thrifting

I'm on a roll. First up:

This beaut now sits on top our only chest of drawers. We are pretty minimalist when it comes to clothing, but Mr PL's new work uniform takes up a lot of space, and I was struggling to find a taller chest of drawers that would fit the space. £2.50 later, another small house problem solved.

Also, check out that interior (before it got stuffed full of my undies and sundries):


A couple of books at 20p a pop, including an anniversary edition of 'The Little Prince' and a cute little book called 'A Hole is to Dig', illustrated by Maurice Sendak:

This household encyclopedia, published in 1932, teaches you everything from how to cook celery on toast to keeping axolotls as pets:

I'm reading it with caution, because old books like this make me want to go full vintage in all aspects of my life. I can't watch Miss Marple without getting the itch, and step by step instruction manuals are just plain dangerous to my tenuous grip on the 21st century.

This marble lamp, another £2.50 well spent, to replace a cheapo desk lamp that casts too much shadow. Vintage, but marble is all the rage these days so I'm bang on trend for once. Also, no shade please, we're millennials:

And finally this lovely little wooden pot for 50p - somewhere to dump my headphones and the earrings I've forgotten to take out in at bedtime:

And now I need to stop before the house fills up again.

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