British beans

My first order from Hodmedod's has arrived. This is not a paid advert, I am just that excited that someone is reviving some of our native crops and making our food system a little more resilient.

Everything here is UK grown. I plan on replacing all of my usual imported pulses with these - carlin peas can sub for chickpeas, haricot for any small bean, marrowfat peas for soups and purees. The camelina seed are interesting, they can be used as a vegan egg replacement much like chia seeds. They also stock British grown quinoa and a few other pulses that I'd like to try next time.

I want my vegan diet to be as ethical as possible, the 'vegan' bit was the easiest choice I had to make in an edible minefield of carbon footprints, habitat destruction and human and animal exploitation. I make my choices as best I can on a modest budget; and usually focus on buying from my local shops, buying British, avoiding overpackaging and buying luxuries like coffee Fairtrade. A 'locavore' diet is not necessarily the most planet friendly, in this instance however replacing my imported pulses has a raft of other benefits:

The handwritten delivery note scribbled on the back of a 10% off voucher for my next order; and a stack of recipe cards is also much appreciated.


  1. I really like the Hodmedod's quinoa, pretty good value for money. The yellow pea flour is good too, makes great bhajis.

    1. I have a huge bag of gram flour to get through, once that's used up I'll try the pea flour. We don't eat much quinoa, I hope they add a few more grains tp their offerings!