Ful medames

I made ful medames using the recipe card that came with my Hodmedod's order (helpfully they've put their recipes online).

Whilst not entirely authentic (this Claudia Rosen version looks pretty good), and the beans having taken significantly longer to soften than the suggested 1 hour, they were delicious. Even the pickiest among us gobbled them up with the seeded pitta breads from the freezer (yellow-stickered for the win!) and so I can add another dish to my repetoire - another dish that can also be made entirely from pantry ingredients if you substitute dried for fresh herbs.

On the subject of Middle Eastern cuisine, I watched the first two episodes of Nigel Slater's Middle East and I thoroughly recommend it. The Turkey episode blew me away - that 'rootedness' and sense of place that I was banging on about, Nigel banged on about it too. It's available on iPlayer now.

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