Snippets - Beastly Easterly edition

I don't think I've experienced cold like this since I was a nipper back in Norfolk. I imagine I would find it utterly charming if I lived back in the Old County, in a house like this (I'm on a tiny house kick again):

Back in the real world, I live in a city that has ground almost to a halt because the pavements are ice rinks. I do however have a roof over my head and a full storecupboard; and I am not worried about fuel poverty or food poverty or slipping and breaking something and not being able to work, or pipes bursting because I can't afford to heat the house. Back in this real world, I am truly blessed; many other households have these worries right now.

What to do if you see a homeless person sleeping rough in the snow - Metro

Freezing cold house with no central heating  - MSE Forum

Keeping warm in a winter weather emergency (pdf) - Bob Waldrop - if you are struggling with no heating/fuel poverty.

How to run the economy on the weather  -  Low Tech Magazine - a timely read for  a country that almost ran out of gas yesterday.

I've been reading this book and its fascinating, if not vegan:

The chapter on fuels and fireplaces is a comforting read right now. I want a cauldron.

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