Walking for health, wealth and breakfast

Depending which experts you believe, millennials are the first generation that are either going to live routinely into their nineties or have shorter lifespans than their parents. We may need to stay economically active well into old age, so good health is a must.

I am not as fit as I should be at the tender age of 32. As a student, I walked miles every day by necessity and did frequent fieldwork in rugged terrain that saw me slim down and strengthen up. Walking is free (except for shoe pleather), low impact and lets you experience the world in a way that travelling by car or bus doesn't. It's also a great, environmentally sound way of getting from A to B without spending a penny. 

I've been making real efforts to get out of the house this month. So far this week I've walked 17.5 miles, not including the school run and a trip to the shops, not too shabby for a snow week. Today's mileage was a  solid 7.5 miles. We stopped halfway at a great little cafe near the harbour for a Full English (vegan of course) and made our way back via the wholefood store for a slice of peanut butter cheesecake. Life is good.

We saw this fella:

The blackthorn blossom is out and looking fine in the university park. I'm starting to pay more attention to my local flora and fauna once again. Did you know that blackthorn flowers before it leafs, whereas hawthorn leafs then flowers? I did not.

Street smarts:

 I feel most of my woes in life could be solved by being more like student me, she was a smart cookie.

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