Action then distraction

I don't know if I'm alone in finding the past winter grindingly bleak, but between the relentless bad weather and the relentless doom laden news cycle this one really took its toll towards the end. Still, as the news continues to plumb new depths, there are signs of good things to come. 

I have to remind myself frequently that I can influence neither the weather nor global events; and instead should dwell on the things under my control. Yesterday I took my attention outside away from the news, first to the garden which was given a thorough spring clean; and then for an evening walk. Action, then distraction.

We have two large city parks within walking distance of our house. One is more of a recreation ground but it does have a huge bed of rugosa roses and a huge mock orange bush, so I visit that one quite often in summer to sniff them. The other park is landscaped, popular with dog walkers and older folk, so it suits my temperament just perfectly. I go and sit and read a book or knit, sometimes I just watch the dogs play. Yesterday I took a stroll around the shrubbery because it's looking glorious.


Japanese Quince working its way through the other shrubs. Did you know that it produces edible fruits? And that it grows in shade? It's one of my favourite plants.

Viburnum, smelling swell.

One of the cherry blossoms. There were plenty more, but I got distracted by a pack of Pomeranians playing chase with each other  ❤.

I hope that spring has reached your part of the world and that you can take some time out to enjoy it.


  1. I have had enough of being cold now and am craving some warmth, but it still feels as if that's a long way off. Hats, scarves and gloves are still necessary, even inside the house at times!
    I have seen some beautiful blossom today, so maybe Spring is on it's way after all.

    1. You're still wearing hats and scarves and gloves?! I forget how mild we have it, we have a city microclimate too and the the Isle of Wight takes most of the flack from the wind. Won't be long now, perhaps summer will be a scorcher? Enjoy the blossom whilst it lasts x

  2. My car told me it was 6 degrees C on the way to work this morning. That does NOT feel spring-like to me. I'm craving sunshine now after a week of relentless grey-ness!

    1. Ha, I know we are very lucky down South! To be fair I am now cradling my hot milk and have a duvet over my legs - the evening temperature has dipped again. I hope the sun reaches you soon.