May 1st!

The months have flown by, I didn't think I would pick up this blog again. Hello!

Nothing has changed and everything has changed. I've needed a good long break from everything to sit with my thoughts and reevaluate my life - which is a good habit in this day and age, isn't it? We are constantly bombarded with advertising, 'influencers' and messages about who we should be from so many quarters.

Internally so much has changed - I've rediscovered bits of myself that I had forgotten existed, or that I found terribly inconvenient to acknowledge as I was trying to make my way in the adult world. After a deep dark brooding winter of the soul (coinciding with the deep dark winter of the year, just to add to the grimness) I've started to flourish again, rooted in my own hard fought  battles, needs, wants and values. And now I need my lifestyle to reflect those changes.

Out: fear, choices rooted in fear, stinginess, drab white austerity, clutter, constant second guessing, other people's opinions and values, flightiness.

In: joy; choices rooted in joy; (joyful, earth friendly, creative) thrift; colour; an organised cosy home; self confidence; self advocacy; peace and quiet; raucous fun; consistency; worthy goals. Also, some flowers, whiskey and cake would be nice occasionally ; )

I'm raring to go, but the changes to be made are so numerous that it feels overwhelming! And so I'll write about my struggles and triumphs here, in the hope that it will help me as much my 1st blog did, all those years ago.


  1. It's lovely to see a post from you!
    I've been rediscovering myself too, after losing a lot of weight last year. I'm no longer a spectator in my own life, am becoming the person I should always have been, and am shedding possessions as quickly as I shed the weight, in the hope that my mind will feel as light as my body does.

    1. Oh thank you Scarlet!
      I'm so glad that you are thriving after such challenges last year, I'm glad that you made your way through it and came out stronger and happier. Here's to us late bloomers! x

  2. Oh my goodness, here you are!

    How wonderful to see a post from you. Choices rooted in joy - yes to that. It is so, so easy to get bogged down in all that other stuff and then one day you there's a person that's you but also isn't. Hope logging things here helps you on your way.

    1. Thank you TD! I'm glad to be back.

      I had so much mental clutter that I had accumulated from sources outside of myself. I'm still checking myself a little, but honestly my life is flowing much more smoothly.