Sunday blues

In the very best way.

Yesterday we went for a walk along the shore - the temperature was as cool as this sky, proper jumper weather. Why is it so cold in May?

Because I washed and packed away the winter coats last week of course. 

I'm a sucker for sea glass and broken crockery and already have quite a collection from various sources. This favourite beach combing spot is where an old landfill meets the shore.

I didn't bring all of this home, just a few pieces. I'm saving enough to make a wall display of some kind and will return the leftovers for someone else to find.

I would love to live in a era where everything is packaged in glass, and beautiful shades of it - so many aquas and blues and lilacs.

How have these transferware patterns lasted so long in such hostile conditions?

And on the walk home, some cornflowers, the loveliest blue of them all.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

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